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Night Reaper CSWL

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The Night ReaperTM Crew Served Weapon Light (CSWL) is a powerful High Intensity Discharge (HID) Searchlight specifically designed for military and security applications where dominance in low-light environments is paramount.

The Night ReaperTM Crew Served Weapon Light (CSWL) is a 50-watt, 5,200 lumen High Intensity Discharge (HID) Searchlight that simultaneously provides an unparalleled combination of long range and wide-angle illumination in both white and Infrared (IR) light.

Unlike other lighting systems that involve the requirement of either manually or remotely “rotating the bezel” in order to provide either a narrow beam of bright light or a wide beam of pale light, the Night Reaper’sTM pre-focused, long-arc Xenon-Metal gas-filled lamp and reflector provide a consistently intense beam that illuminates vast areas over great distances at the same time. Inherent within the Night ReaperTM CSWL is a built-in thermal controller that automatically regulates the light down to 40-watts and 4,200 lumens after approximately 5 minutes of CONSTANT ON use. If the searchlight is turned off and then turned on again, it immediately reverts to the 50-watt, 5,200 lumen output and the time cycle begins again.

The Night Reaper HID Searchlight

‣ 5,200+ lumens of clean, brilliant white light

‣ Remote switching for the gun operator (ON/OFF)

‣ Remote power choices from multiple sources including D/C vehicle power (12-28V), readily available Military 5590 Lithium Sulphur batteries and their rechargeable counterparts as well as Polarion Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries

‣ Quick connect and disconnect for gun-mounted or handheld applications at will, on the fly

‣ When disconnected (I.E. vehicle power fails, cable is damaged), the system will have backup power for 60 minutes +/- 10% of onboard power

‣ Lamp Assembly is Field Replaceable

‣ Secure double locking/850 nm IR Filter, all aircraft-grade aluminum body, MILSPEC connectors and cables

‣ The system can be configured with or without an internal battery, tethered as handheld spotlight to a vehicle, boat, or airborne platform, or to the solider for ground search operations.

Night Reaper - Specifications

Searchlight Night Reaper
Lamp Type Xenon-Metal (MPXL)
Ballast Power 50 watt peak - 50 watt continuous
Max Luminous Flux 5,200 - 4,150 lm
IR Filter 850nm Semi Covert
Lamp Life Up to 2,500 hrs
Beam Divergence Collimated light: 3 degrees - Uncollimated: 20 Degrees
Color Temperature 4300k
Illumination Distance Up to 1,5km : 1 mile
Input Voltage DC 12V-18V - 24V with NATO Slave adapter w/converter
Operational Current 3.5 A
Body/Bezel Aerospace-Grade Aluminium (6061 T6)
Weight W/O battery: 1.5 kg / 3.32 lbs
Overall Length 32,70 cm / 12 7/8"
Bezel dia: 10.79 cm / 4 1/4"
Tail Cap Diameter 6.35 cm / 2 1/2 lbs

Night Reaper - Power specifications

Internal Battery Li-ion Rechargeable Battery / 14.4V 4400mAh
  Run Time: 80 mns +/- 10%
  Battery Change: Quick Swap
  Weight: 0.472kg / 1.04 lbs
  Dimensions: 4.92 cm Dia x 16.66 cm / 1 15/16" Dia /6 9/16"
External Battery Standard MilSpec BA5590 7500mAh Bateries
  Run Time : Minimum 300 minutes
D/C Inputs  
  12 - 18V - Standard Cigarette Plug
  24V - 24V - 12V Converter box
A/C Charger  
  Universal Charger: A/C Standard - D/C Vehicle Charger Optional
  Charging Voltage: 16.8V
  Input Voltage: 90V-240V / 50-60Hz
  Charging time: 4 hours +/- 30min